Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Internet Language Resources


Bafia (Mbam Cameroon)                        Wayumbe
Bagesu (Central Africa) Watulire?
Bagesu (Central Africa) [answer] Natulire nili mlahi
Bajawa (Indonesia) ['where are you going'] Male de?
Bakitara (Central Africa) [morning] Oirwota?
Bakitara (Central Africa) [answer] Ndabanta
Bakitara (Central Africa) [after absense] Mirembe
Bakweri (Cameroon) [morning] O wusi
Balanta (Guinea-Bissau) Abala, lite utchole
Balinese (Bali) Om swastyastu
Balinese (Bali) [reply] Om shanti shanti shanti
Balti (India, Pakistan) Yang chi halyo?
Balti (India, Pakistan) [answer] Lyakhmo

That was "hello" in some languages. Jennifer Runner has this page with "Hello" and other pleasantries in a large number of languages. Don't forget to check her Internet Language Resources page.

Khau bulyghyz

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