Monday, July 23, 2007

Readings from AAAI 2007

AAAI 2007 is now going on at Vancouver. Here is my selection of NLP and Learning papers I would like to know more about.

Deriving a Large-Scale Taxonomy from Wikipedia, Simone Paolo Ponzetto, Michael Strube

Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Using Subtree Mining, Dat P. T. Nguyen, Yutaka Matsuo, Mitsuru Ishizuka

Finding Related Pages Using Green Measures: An Illustration with Wikipedia, Yann Ollivier, Pierre Senellart

Graph Partitioning Based on Link Distributions, Bo Long, Mark (Zhongfei) Zhang, Philip S. Yu

Semi-supervised Learning by Mixed Label Propagation, Wei Tong, Rong Jin

Semi-Supervised Learning with Very Few Labeled Training Examples, Zhi-Hua Zhou, De-Chuan Zhan, Qiang Yang

Clustering with Local and Global Regularization, Fei Wang, Changshui Zhang, Tao Li

Isometric Projection, Deng Cai, Xiaofei He, Jiawei Han

Improving Similarity Measures for Short Segments of Text, Wen-tau Yih, Christopher Meek

Topic Segmentation Algorithms for Text Summarization and Passage Retrieval: An Exhaustive Evaluation, Gaël Dias, Elsa Alves. José Gabriel Pereira Lopes

Robust Estimation of Google Counts for Social Network Extraction, Yutaka Matsuo, Hironori Tomobe, Takuichi Nishimura

Harvesting Relations from the Web - Quantifiying the Impact of Filtering Functions, Sebastian Blohm, Philipp Cimiano, Egon Stemle

Template-Independent News Extraction Based on Visual Consistency, Shuyi Zheng, Ruihua Song, Ji-Rong Wen

Comprehending and Generating Apt Metaphors: A Web-driven, Case-based Approach to Figurative Language, Tony Veale, Yanfen Hao

Mobile Service for Reputation Extraction from Weblogs - Public Experiment and Evaluation, Takahiro Kawamura, Shinichi Nagano, Masumi Inaba, Yumiko Mizoguchi

The Impact of Time on the Accuracy of Sentiment Classifiers Created from a Web Log Corpus, Kathleen T. Durant, Michael D. Smith

Nectar: Learning by Combining Observations and User Edits, Vittorio Castelli, Lawrence Bergman, Daniel Oblinger

Multi-Label Learning by Instance Differentiation, Min-Ling Zhang, Zhi-Hua Zhou

Extracting Influential Nodes for Information Diffusion on a Social Network, Masahiro Kimura, Kazumi Saito, Ryohei Nakano

Temporal and Information Flow Based Event Detection from Social Text Streams, Qiankun Zhao, Prasenjit Mitra, Bi Chen

Analyzing Reading Behavior by Blog Mining, Tadanobu Furukawa, Mitsuru Ishizuka, Yutaka Matsuo, Ikki Ohmukai, Koki Uchiyama

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