Sunday, February 24, 2008

What do you do?

As a grad student working on NLP how do you explain what you are working on, to friends and family? I inevitably end up referring to the Google search engine even though what I do is quite far from IR. Actually, thats not true. These days IR seems to consume everything but thats another story.

This reminds me of a funny conversation at CLSP recently:

Sanjeev is telling us about an incident where a concerned parent of a young child with a speaking disability is asking him for his opinion. Apparently, she is confused about "Language and Speech Processing" in CLSP.

Keith butts in: "Run a few more iterations of EM and he'll be fine."

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Jason M. Adams said...

I usually say something like "It's about writing programs that let computers work with human language." The next thing they say is either "Oh interesting" and change the subject or "Like voice recognition?" I do nothing with speech recognition, but it's almost always easier to agree at that point.