Thursday, December 14, 2006

AAAI 2007 track on AI and the Web

AAAI 2007 (July 22-26, Vancouver CN) will have a special
technical track on Artificial Intelligence and the Web. The
track seeks research papers on AI techniques, systems and
concepts involving or applied to the Web. Papers should
describe Web related research or clearly explain how the
work addresses problems, opportunities or issues underlying
the Web or Web-based systems. See [1] for suggested topics
and more track information and [2] for information on the
conference and details on submitting. Relevant deadlines are:

- Jan 25: student abstracts
- Feb 1: technical paper abstracts
- Feb 2: doctoral consortium applications
- Feb 6: technical papers
- Feb 27: nectar and senior member papers
- Apr 3: intelligent systems demo proposals


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