Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Dragon Tooolkit

The Dragon Tooolkit is Java-based development package for academic research use in language modeling (LM) and information retrieval (IR). Language modeling has recently emerged as an attractive new framework for text information retrieval and text mining (TM). However, most Java-based free search engines such as Lucene does not support LM very well. The Lemur toolkit is designed for LM and IR, but written in C and C++, which may be a hindrance to people who prefer Java programming. Basically, the dragon toolkit is tailored for researchers who work on large-scale LM and IR and prefer Java programming. Moreover, different from Lucene and Lemur, it provides built-in supports for semantic-based IR and TM. The dragon tookit seamlessly intergrates and implements a set of NLP tools, which enable the toolkit to index text collections with various representation schemes including words, phrases, ontology-based concepts and relationships. However, to minimize the learning time, we intentionally keep the package small and simple. The toolkit does not have some features including distributed IR and cross-language IR which are part of Lemur toolkit.

How to Cite Dragon Toolkit

If you are using the Dragon Toolkit for research work, please cite it in your published papers:

Zhou, X., Zhang, X., and Hu, X., The Dragon Toolkit, Data Mining & Bioinformatics Lab, iSchool at Drexel University,

Download Dragon Toolkit

Get the Dragon Toolkit source code and binary libraries (including external libraries) and necessary supporting data. Click to download.

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